Mini Meditation Mosaic Kit

FIGUREĀ  A. Place the tile directly in the center of the square
FIGURE B. Place each half square triangle so that the 45 degree angle side is parallel to the outer border
Figure C. Place the four quarter square triangles so the right angle is adjacent to the 45 degree angle of the half square triangle
FIGURE D. Place four mauve quarter square triangles to finish off the squares, then add a teal half square triangle to create an octagon.
FIGURE E. Place the teal rectangles so they line up against the teal half square triangle but don’t extend past the edge.
FIGURE F. Place a mauve quarter square triangle in each corner, and then evenly space four rectangles. Do not go past the outer line.
FIGURE G. Continue placing the mauve glass to complete all four corners.
FIGURE H. Add the final half square triangles to complete the design.
Place the second sheet of contact paper over the top of your design. Be sure to smooth down over the whole piece.


Flip the piece over and peel the original piece of contact paper over what is now the back of the piece.
Spread a layer of glue over the panel, then place the mosaic on the panel.


Mix the grout per kit directions until it is the consistency of a thick batter


Spread a thin layer of grout over the entire piece.
Wipe off the grout with a damp sponge.
Continue to clean the grout from the tile until you have removed all the grout from the surface.


Enjoy your finished piece!

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